while i was dealing with an evil stomach bug
that involved an emergency doctor drugging me out and rewarding me with a nice PLASTER afterwards
my garden exploded
a while before i retreated to bath and bed
i had a little/big help cleaning everything up
(best dressed gardener ever, right?)
and these pictures of those tiny plants taken right after look so ridiculous after a few weeks
slowly i´ve come to like the wilderness of my mixture of old growth and new plantation
one (sick) evening of a especially warm day
i sat up in bed crying out "that smell, that smell!"
since the air was filled with an almost sickening sweet scent of my just startet narcissus boarder,
tons of violets, hyacinths (look at my favorites, so cute) and a pear tree just bursting into bloom
i spent so much time, money and energy at planing and planting this garden
(which will never some to an end)
but it already feels so rewarding and there´s still so much to come out during the year
also it´s really difficult to take "nice" pictures of it all
since i´m not living in the prettiest neighborhood
so you can only see a fraction of my wild tulip collection
since i´ve now included roasted bananas and ice cream to my diet of zwieback, apples and noodle soup
my strength will return soon
 and i´m going to dig around there again in no time


so i made some Mexican BISCOCHITOS
with orange zest, anise and Cointreau
(W can´t wait to get that bottle - minus two table spoons - for Easter)
they did turn out surprisingly good
considering my baking disasters lately
then i couldn´t come up with a fun picture idea when they came out of the oven
so i gave up on it after showing them some apricot in bloom
now they are ready to be eaten
please tell me what lens to get for my Canon
those contortions just drive me mad
happy Easter everybody!


somehow i ended up splatter painting some bedclothes during the solar eclipse last week
with a bit/lot of help from a friend (and probably our small town´s most controversial ARTIST)
who actually just came over to do a bit of garden work for me
which is quite awesome
wanted to do this for a long time
since i remembered how my mother got us to paint some tableclothes way back
and those colours are quite durable - we actually used some of those more than 25 year old paint pots
also barrettes - kind of the only thing on my mind lately
as you probably know in case your following me on INSTAGRAM
i highly recommend baking Ottolenghi´s banana bread and slathering the slices with tahini
you don´t need a display of spattered fabric, primroses and catkins to enjoy it
but it sure helps with those Spring feelings
opinions are completely my own
especially since this post wasn´t sponsored by Deka colours, nor by Monki nut butters
nor by the apron and workwear industry
i wish though
and when i was done messing with paint i found THIS
now i want her wardrobe


thanks to INDEXHIBIT
Elsa and Samuel finally have a nice website
and they built it on their own

do take a look and enjoy their pictures and videos
also buy, buy, buy their stuff


so, some more PLANT HANGERS arrived
after they´ve been sold out for some weeks
be quick and get yours
but don´t worry in case you´re missing out, we´re restocking them again in the next weeks
since it´s still a bit chilly outside you might want to get yourself a BRANCH TEA WARMER too
to stay cozy and keep your tea hot
(there will only a few more produced, just a hint...)
once i scared the hell out of my sister´s half french boyfriend
by threatening to give him this flowery tableware since it´s french also
i think i remember him saying "PLEASE don´t!"
but i do like to be a bit cruel sometimes...
it has an odd way of crumbling into dust at the slightest knocking it over
also i love that jacket
even though everyone thinks i´m looking like an old sofa
it does go well with my new heavy duty apron
(tend to get my stomach dirty in the workshop)
wanted to bake some plant hanger shaped cakes for those pictures
but this turned out to be the most awful baking failure so far
they looked hideous and i spend half of a night trying not to be sick all over the place after sampling them
so you wont see any of that!
have a happy sunny sunday instead