a mean summer means mean grapes
three times mean!
that tiny vineyard was most accepting about that insane heat
and my no-watering-policy with that devastating draught going on
quite a few plants gave up
but not the grapes!
also my pollinators worked excellent again this year
instead of me being in a constant worry about the decrease of the bee population
a FREE FROM TART with a bit of creme fraiche mixed with chia seeds (swapped for an egg)
worked pretty excellent
but the best way to eat those rather hard skinned varieties
is to just roast them for about 15 min until they start loosing their jucies
drizzled with olive oil and honey or any other kind of concoction of that kind
it softens the skin, mellows the tartness
and makes the seeds (detested by many, but not me) even crunchier
here MOLLY YEH roasts SEVEN SPOONS´ grapes
an interview with WSAKE over at JENNADORES
MEN ARE BETTER WRITERS - drove me mad of course
of course found via JESSICA STANLEY and this ESSAY LIST
i´m feeling restless lately
maybe i should become an APPRENTICE


since i really enjoy the meetings of the English Reading Group in our local library
i thought it might be nice to start a private book club
with food and drinks and nice company
so we´re about to start lightly in September with a Miss Marple novel by Agatha Christie
A Murder is Announced/Ein Mord wird angekündigt
gelesen werden kann ganz nach Belieben im Original oder Übersetzung
we´ll talk about favorite parts and characters (or least favorite, of course)
and there might be a version of the "Delicious Death" chocolate cake
playing a important role in the story
- there actually is a RECIPE based on the book, but i used NIGEL SLATER´S CHOCOLATE ALMOND ONE -
which i then heavily "deconstructed" adding whipped cream,  more molten chocolate and blood coloured sprinkles
and yes, it really is a dangerous thing, i had to lie down after a few bites - it´s that rich
so i bet it had a devastating effect on those not used to fat and that much chocolate during after-war rationing
(fun fact: the cake in the book was made by a dirndl skirt wearing German or Austrian refugee called Mitzi 
- portrayed in a very racist way)
so in case you think you´d enjoy an old fashioned murder mystery
do not hesitate to contact me and be part of the whole thing
i´ve been a fan of those stories for years now
it started with my grandmother´s black, white and red coloured scary looking Scherz Krimi Klassiker books
(which explains the colour scheme and choice of font)
and i still like to revisite them once in a while
and those lovely chrysanthemums?
they are rather scraggy, really!
(running gag, you´ll see)


lots of good stuff at very nice prices
quite a bit of very hard to part with prototypes for sale
all one of a kind


hohoho - it´s get-an-excellent-deal-on-our-jewellery-time again over at MONOQI
 where you can find lots of ring ans ear studs
we´re not used to work on larger series so this is quite an effort for our two-guys-team
quite a bit of sore necks and fingers
since we´re also working on a selection for local stockist BEATNUTS
who will be carrying a range of our pieces in a few weeks
starting a private book club with food and drinks in september - are you IN?
can´t wait for THIS, THIS and THIS cookbook to come out

trying to calm down a gastritis with zinc, porridge, zwieback and sideritis scardica tea
any other ideas would be welcome - i´m the chronic type

and on that note getting really into learning more about the healing powers of crystals
so i´m about to work on some pieces with ruby, smoky quartz and mother of pearl for myself
and a bit of moss agate of course

everything from SAMUJI

pictures of rings and ear studs are courtesy of MONOQI


tried to be very french and made some of those lavender rattle things
at first everything smelled like my grandmother´s closet and then the next day it had stopped
no scent at all, just dried flowers and stems - is that dry summer to blame?
and since everyone talks about that Ottolenghi cake with APRICOTS, WALNUTS AND LAVENDER
i had to make it too - such a delight
and because i still have a bottle of Cointreau minus one tablespoon left from this CAKE´S icing
i made some of it to pour over
to tease my sisters - who seem to be some of the very few still-readers of this blog -  i changed some colours again
they do not like that, harhar!
happy blue moon!