get a very sweet deal on some of our rings over at MONOQI
sale continues until Saturday and numbers are limited


the WSAKE woman is all about frizzy art noveau hair
crazy sweater vests with missing buttons
and interesting trouser and boot choices
i love her
the WSAKE man tends to look like an unruly young Tom Cruise
what´s not to like?
i did not like 2014
so here´s to a much better 2015 for everyone
(although it didn´t start so good - #jesuischarlie)
may it be awesome anyway

sometimes i´m thinking about adding a bit of VSCO magic to my pictures
it is tempting but maybe the too easy way to beauty
also: is it okay to mix heavy and banal like this?
"to be honest, i would really like to be a minimalist but i just can´t."
and me


merry christmas to you all!
enjoy some lovely holidays!
thank you so much for stopping by here this year
it was a pleasure to have you:)
HERE´s my shortbread recipe with pistachios, cranberries and white chocolate on the GAARN blog (german only)
and HERE´s a little interview over at ME AND ORLA
all the best!


so here´s my almost too late call to shop small - a lot - especially at christmas
dont get me wrong, i do "shop big", too
but it´s so nice to find things made with a lot of care and love
+ actually knowing who made them
(though we might not know where the resources come from - it´s a long story - but still!)
E sent me some of the miniature paintings SHE AND S made
(their page desperately needs an update!)
and they are just perfect
my pictures and repro skills don´t do them justice
so in case you fall in love with one of them - some are still available
(about 10x7cm, 65€ + shipping)
just let me know and i´ll make a little art deal happen
so in case you´re still looking for some gifts - i´m pretty sure some do still ship in time for the holidays
shown here:
a sweet bavarian heart card from KAROS DRUCKWERK
a circle skirt from BRITTA MANGER - i might not be the most flattering model...
the tiny bees wax candles and wooden ring holders are from a local artisan christmas market
and here are some more things i like:
LE TRAIN FANTOME´s CAT and all her other adorable creatures
fun ceramics from ALEX SICKLING
and you already know i´m a big fan of OTCHIPOTCHI
+ also everything from BASTIS "THE GRID BLANKET" RIKE
the nice selections of STUDIO OINK and ZIERRAT UND GOLD
it does look like i´ve been on a shopping spree - but:
one of the greatest thing about being a "creator" (how should i call myself?!)
is being able to do a lot of swaps with other "creators"
so i´m also currently waiting for wonderful things from
i can´t wait!
some of our pieces are featured in the christmas edition of BRIGITTE
we´re so happy!
some links i bookmarked the last weeks:
i want to look just like THAT one day (soon)
thank you for THIS PICTURE, Tine!
EVENCLEVELAND´s giftguides
an other BLANKET i have my eye on
a yellow TEA POT
found a handicraft book at the fleamarket and when paging through it
we realized our great grandmother must have had the same one
since it didn´t only contain her mitten pattern but also our family´s typic little-people-hat-pattern
worn for decades and generations by now - doesn´t little K look so cute?!
love the HAIR BARRETTE we made for a nice customer
so i guess i´ll be making more some day


we´d like to invite you all to our  WSAKE Weihnachtsmarkt:

Samstag, 6.12.
14 - 19 Uhr

Am Gries 35, Stadtamhof, Regensburg

of course there will be Christmas inspired drinks and treats
(including those a lot of you quite vehementy requested)
not those cookies shown above though
W ate them all - fair enough, he did make me the COOKIE CUTTER after all
and for all of you who can´t make it, there are a lot of new pieces listed in the SAMPLE SALE
AND you´ll get a free surprise set of CHRISTMAS CARDS with every order
since i promised to take a picture of W and the IN EAR RING - HERE it is
oh - we only have one of each silver plated HAIR COMBS in stock...
so hurry up, in case you´re planing on wearing one this festive season